Free Range Gardener?  Let me explain. I am a gardener who moves about freely and am always in my natural conditions when gardening; wherever that is and in whatever form.

I have been without deep roots since departing my home state of Wisconsin. It was a simple country life with a close connection to the Earth, it’s seasons, flora and fauna through farming and gardening. That never ceasing rhythm of life.

The roots of gardening were very deep, so deep I pursued my professional training to remain close to it and find my way through life by it.

I was restless though. The travel bug got me, and then an Airmen married me. No longer deeply rooted in one locale, I have been free range gardening ever since like a dandelion in the wind.

My journey has led me out of Wisconsin through Scotland, Washington D.C., Iowa, Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, and currently Nevada.

This blog is a bit late in the journey thus far, there will be some catching up to do, but is meant to be a place of serious and light-hearted reflection for me in thoughts, feelings, experiences, observations, and lessons learned–good and bad. I’ll share some Horticulture knowledge along the way as well. But mostly I want to find my voice and share this journey with you in hopes that you can connect to it in some way. Be it a laugh, a tear, a me too moment, or I didn’t know and now I do.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share and I look forward to connecting with you.

Life’s a garden, dig it!